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Dad's Read

Dad’s: Becoming a Reading Legend in Your Family
Did you know that the home environment plays a powerful role in encouraging children to read?
Being read to at an early age is critical in terms of a child’s social, cognitive, emotional and language development, and their overall well-being.
Dads Read was developed following recent research that highlights the importance of dads reading to their children during their early developmental years, before they start school.
  • 50% of our language is learned by three years of age. 
  • When fathers are involved with their children’s literacy education from a young age, their children demonstrate increased cognitive abilities, higher self-esteem and greater social competence (Ortiz 2000)
  • There is evidence to suggest a strong link between engaging fathers in literacy activities and their sons’ progress (Zambo & Brozo 2009)
Importance of reading
Reading together:
  • models positive reading behaviour
  • prepares your child to learn to read
  • introduces your child to written language
  • opens up new worlds for your child’s imagination and understanding
  • develops reading mileage – the more time spent reading the more reading improves
  • improves your child’s language and listening skills
  • gives your child an opportunity to talk to you about ideas presented to them and about how they see their world
  • builds social skills and family bonds
  • stimulates creative and critical thinking
Reading with your child not only helps them to develop a love of reading, but also strengthens their literacy skills, models positive reading behaviour and builds your child’s self-esteem around reading which is a fundamental and necessary life skill in today’s complex, digital world.
Getting Involved
‘Reading together – just 10 minutes each day is an investment in your child’s future’
(Shane Webcke, Queensland Channel 7 Newsreader and reading legend.)
The best way to become a Reading Legend in your family is to:
  • Start today – reading just 10 minutes every day with your child.  You’ll be helping your child to develop a love of reading that will make a positive difference to their future, and you’ll be their reading legend.