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Year 2 / 3 News

Throughout the month of February, the Year 2, 3 children have been keen to participate in many topics of interest. 
Through reading, the children have been learning about words used to describe characters, settings and events. This has included discussion about the author’s choice of words and the impact of these words on the reader. Students have also practised using descriptive vocabulary in their own writing.
As part of comprehension, students have been answering different types of questions and justifying their responses. Spelling, along with decoding strategies, such as, chunking words and looking for little words in bigger words, continue to be a daily focus.
Some of the experiences planned for Mathematics over the past month have included:
-          Exploring the relationship between addition and subtraction
-          Solving addition and subtraction problems using a range of strategies
-          Calendar work
-          Collecting data, creating and interpreting tables, picture and column graphs
-          Identifying and adding coins to make up small amounts
-          Conducting chance experiments to  identify and describe possible outcomes
-          Telling time
-          Working on number lines
Students have a fortnightly school rule focus. During February, they practised active listening and moving safely on concrete. We are very happy to see that the children are becoming familiar with many procedures involved in our regular activities.
Below are descriptive sentences written by just some of our students.
Baloo is a tall blue and white bear with a big tummy and four chubby legs. Blake
Bagheera is a big black grumpy panther and he is a good climber. Kai
Bagheera is a medium dark blue and light grey panther. He has many sharp teeth. Zarya
I can see a yellow and blue bird flying in the sun. Skye
Seb is a tiny wombat and he is light pink. He has two pointy ears. He is always very cheerful and he loves to sleep in a hat. Skye
Seb is a chubby light brown wombat. He has four skinny legs that are long. Seb lives in a woollen hat. He moves very slowly and he is always very jubilant. Lilly
Seb is a wombat cub. He is pink and little and cute. Seb has sixteen sharp claws. Seb moves smoothly. He has two moods, angry and happy. Liam
Seb is a little pink wombat. He has two black round eyes. Keira
I can see a green and blue frog. He is skinny.  Ney
I see a small white and brown kookaburra. It has lots of worms to eat. It is really fluffy and cute. Xavier
I see a girl with a purple hood and cape. She has orange-brown hair, purple lipstick, green eyes and black eyelids. She has light purple frills. Jasmyn.
I can see a green chunky snake. Lynkon
Happy learning!
Thanks for your support.
Mrs Stanieg and Mrs. Lawler.